Will Kabita Manandhar follow her parents’ footsteps?

Lot of star children want to follow their parents’ footsteps. In case of Kabita Manandhar, both parents are related to Nepali film industry. Kabita’s mother Karishma is a well known actress and is considered one of the most beautiful woman in Nepali movie industry. Kabita’s father, Sunil Manandhar is one of the well known producers of Nepali movies. Taking consideration of that background, there is a high chance that Kabita might jump into acting or film business.


Given the beauty and charm in Kabita, she might be getting some offers to play in movies. She had also cat walked with her mother in ramp, showing her desire to step into entertainment sector.


To see Kabita acting we however might need to wait till she completes her school in the US and return back to Nepal.

Do  you think Kabita will take acting as her career?

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