Six Sex questions to Karishma Manandhar by Jayan Subba Manandhar

Kshitiza of Glmour Nepal asked six questions to Karishma Manandhar. Here are the questions and answers:


1.What is your opinion on sex?

For me sex is the climax and is the last resort to express love.  It is very much related with emotions. I regard sex as the very high level experience than other people do.


2.How important is sex in human life?

If you think 24 hours about sex then your 100 % attention goes on sex only. I don’t think sex is the only important factor in life. People cannot survive without food, water but yes, people can survive without sex.


3.How do you feel when people call you sexy Karishma?

I take it positively. May be some people do not know how to express their feelings. May be for some people I am beautiful and for some I am sexy.

4.Importance of sex education?

I think, sex education should be given to every people. Many people have negative impact due to little knowledge about sex.  You have to understand sex properly because every pleasurable thing cannot do well. “You like drink it gives you pleasure but it’s not good for your health.” If you do the pleasure in wrong place and in a wrong way, it will be a mistake.


5.In Nepal, who do you think the sexiest actor?

Until now, I have not found any actor a real sexy. I don’t feel like wow!  he is handsome or he is sexy at the first meeting.  The way of talking, the way of dressing and every moves of the person will impress me.

6.Do you think it is appropriate to talk about sex very openly?

Every individual has their own perspective about sex. But I don’t like talking about sex so openly. Like daal bhat is related with stomach, sex is also related with our emotions.

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