No Bhai Tika for Karishma and Shantu Tamang

Shantu_TamangDuring the shooting of the movie “Prtikchya“, Karishma Manandhar and the makeup-artist of the movie, Shantu Tamang decided to be brother and sister and offered Bhaitika to each other then-after. But, the yearly tradition stopped when Karishma went to the USA. After her return, they haven’t given the continuation of their relationship.

Karishma had nobody to offer tika in this Tihar. Karishma says, “After I returned from the USA, neither Shantu has asked me for the Bhai Tika nor I have contacted him.”

It has been two years since she had returned back from the USA, but they haven’t met to celebrate the festival of brothers and sisters.

We hope they will celebrate Bhai Tika together in coming years.

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