Karishma’s Biography – test of Mumbai

Continued from: Karishma’s Biography (Early Days)

After the completion of the movie “Mayalu” Karishma realized that she has future in the Nepali movie industry. To update herself, she went to Mumbai and took training from an Indian actress, Madhumati. At that time, Bollywood actresses like Tabbu and Karishma Kapoor were also training under Madhumati. That was the time Karishma realized acting is not as easy as she had thought previously.


After the training of six months, a director, Sunil Agnihotri, came to Madhumati’s training school in search of an actress for his upcoming project “Choron Ki Barat”. When he saw Karishma’s beauty he instantly signed her in. Sunil Agnihotri is known for his popular tele-serial “Chandrakanta”.

After the shooting of the movie, Sunil was looking to sign her in two of his upcoming movies. But, Karishma returned back to Kathamndu. In Kathmandu, cinematographer Gauri Shankar Dhuju signed her in an advertisement for a sandals brand. It was Gauri Shankar Dhuju who introduced Karishma KC with her future husband, Binod Manandhar.

(Next update will feature marriage with Binod Manandhar)

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