Karishma’s Biography (Early Days)

Entering the film industry at the tender age of 14 and continuously serving it for about three decade is not a joke. Although she left the country and lived in USA, Baltimore for some time, she was never forgotten. Later she returned back and started working in movies.

Karishma KC

Karishma never went to college or plus two and she didn’t know about theater, dance, and movies before she herself was involved in it.

First Movie – Santaan


Karishma KC started her film career by acting in the movie “Santaan” (Watch Santaan here). She was so beautiful that the visitors focused on her face rather than her acting. The director of the movie, late Prakash Thapa, had hard time teaching Karishma to act. She was dumb and the director Thapa used to get so angry at times that he would chase Karishma with a cane in his hand to beat her.


The movie was the debut movie of not only Karishma but also another great actress in Nepali movie industry, Gauri Malla. The movie featured actors Arjun Jung Shahi, Bhuwan KC, Hari Prasad Rimal, Shanti Maskey, and Ujjwal Ghimire among others.



After “Santaan” director Shambhu Pradhan signed her up for his movie “Mayalu”. The role involved all the feelings and dances she had to perform. As she didn’t know how to dance it was really difficult for her to perform the dance steps. The dance director Basanta Jung Rayamajhi had a tough time teaching Karishma to dance. These experiences helped Karishma to realize that she has to learn a lot.  After “Mayalu” she also realized that the movie sector is he future and it was the only field she could fit in.

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