Karishma Manandhar was born as Karishma K.C. (in 1971) and raised in Jharuarashi, Lalitpur. Karishma spent her childhood in poverty and did not have good experiences. The Nepali actress entered the glamorous film industry of Nepal by her debut movie ‘Santaan’ in 2042 B.S. At the age of 14, she acted opposite to the very popular actor in Nepali movie industry, Bhuwan K.C.

She married a well-known director, Binod Manandhar, and renamed herself as Karishma Manandher. She is better known as Karishma Manandhar than KC as her popularity increased after the marriage.

Karishma has a daughter named Kavita Manandhar. Her major films include ‘Mann Ma Maya’ and ‘Paapi Maanche’.

Year Title
1988 Santaan
1989 Danga Fasad (Hindi)
1994 Bhauju
2000 Ranabhoomi
1989 Mayalu
2000 Basanti
2000 Dhukdhuki
2000 Panchhi
2002 BabuSaheb

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