Karishma says she couldn’t get lead role because of age

In an interview to an online news-site, Karishma has told that she couldn’t get lead role in Nepali movies because of her age.


She had lived in the USA for about 6 years before returning back to Nepal in 2010. After living in Nepal for the last two years, she has recently returned back to the USA. In her two-years long stay, Karishma has done character roles in a number of Nepali movies. But, she hasn’t done any leading roles so far.

In a question about her plans to live in USA, she told that she doesn’t have any plan to leave Nepal permanently. Karishma’s daughter Kabita Manandhar is currently doing high school in the USA. Karishma has a Green Card in the USA and she seem to have problem maintaining it.

You can watch the interview below:

(photo credit – Suneeta Sanjyal and video credit – dcnepal)

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