Karishma Manandhar – Onion flavor in an ice cream doesn’t taste good

karishma_manandhar_interviewKarishma has acted in more than 100 Nepali movies till date. In an interview Bijaya Awaj asked which one of those movie does she likes most. In a diplomatic reply Karishma told: 

Karishma – I don’t have a preference. Every movie I have done till date are good.

Q. Which artist do you like most?

Karishma – There are a lot of artists. Artists of my time include , Bhuwan KC, Shiva Shrestha, Tripti Nadkar, Jal Shah, Kristi Mainali, Niruta Singh, Hari Bamsha Acharya, Nir Shah, Dilip Rayamajhi. I also like Aryan Sigdel among the new artists.

Q. Which dress do you think suits you?

Karishma – Dress should be easy to wear. I like saree and I think I look great in saree.

Q. You had married the person 10 years older than than you at a young age. Don’t you think made decision in a hurry?

Karishma – At the time I married Binod Manandhar I was 20 years old and he was 30. I didn’t have father and we didn’t have any male member in our family. My elder sister knew Binod before our marriage. I was well prepared for the marriage and when I look back I still think it was not a decision made in hurry.

Q. You might have met a lot of young guys. What was the reason you choose Binod Manandahar?

Karishma – Binod was well-to-do in terms of both money and knowledge. I wanted to get free and he was the person who would let me be myself. I wanted to be free after marriage and Binod understood me. That was the reason I choose Binod. You can see, I am free now and I don’t feel like a mother of a teenager.

Q. Didn’t you fell in love with somebody else before marrying Binod?

Karishma – I didn’t have relationship with others. The time then was a lot different from the current time.

Q. You might have received numerous proposals even after your marriage, didn’t you?

Karishma – One doesn’t do a background check before liking somebody. If one likes you they don’t care if you are married or not. Anybody can like me and it is their right to like me. I respect my fans.

Q. Did you get any love letter written in blood?

Karishma – In the olden times, love letters were usually written in blood. Time has changed a lot now. These days people directly say that they like you and ask your phone number.

Q. After the failure of ‘Babu Saheb’ you went to USA. Then you returned back after some time. Why was that?

Karishma – I didn’t go to the US because of the failure of my movie. I didn’t go to the USA to live there. That was the reason I returned back. I think new people should come to the Nepali film sector. At that time, I was doing a lot of movies. Once I had seen the television playing six of my movie songs in a row. That is why I wanted something new in Nepali movie industry. After I returned back I have transformed myself too, didn’t I?

Q. How long will you be playing movies?

Karishma – I want to do movies forever. But, it seems there are no roles for me. I get a lot of offers but none fit me. I am surprised myself.

karishma_manandhar_awardQ. After acting for a long time, a lot of artist have started directing movies. Don’t you think it is time to start directing?

Karishma – Yes, I was also thinking in that direction. But, I will only do a good movie. I will only direct a movie if I am confident the movie will do a good business. I have got some offers. I might even direct in a home production movie.

Q. You have done a lot of movie. I hope you have received a lot of awards.

Karishma – I have received more honors than awards. I have more than 100 awards and honors in my home. I haven’t been able to organize them till now. I am thinking of setting aside a room for them.

Q. Did you receive a best actress award?

Karishma – I am surprised, I haven’t received any best actress award. I don’t know why I didn’t receive any. May be my movies and my roles weren’t of that caliber to receive awards.

Q. In the current time sex is selling like hot cake in Nepali movie. What do you think about this trend?

Karishma – Everything should change with time. One should go with time. Onion flavor in an ice cream doesn’t taste good. I think the current trend in movie is for a certain time. With time, they will just go away.

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