Karishma crush – Hari Bamsha Acharya

When talking about film personalities, Karishma told that she liked three people related to Nepali movie industry:

  • actor Rajesh Hamal
  • photographer Rajiv Shrestha
  • comedian Hari Bamsha Acharya.

Karishma appreciates and likes Rajesh Hamal for his intellectual nature.

rajesh hamal karishma manandhar

Rajiv Shrestha has explored and presented the beauty in Karishma for the world to see (Rajiv Shrestha is at the right end in the following photo).

karishma manandhar with rajiv shrestha and others

Hari Bamsha was her crush until she told him about her feeling. After that, she appreciates the comedian.

haribamsha acharya

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